12 Best Christmas Lights for Bushes & Outdoor Trees in 2023

With all the light options to choose from, finding the best lighting that is perfect for your preferences and style may not be an easy task. 

Therefore, we conducted hands-on testing of the lamps that are on this list to give actual reviews of their design as well as their ease of use along with overall efficiency.

Decorating with bright lights is a joyful, festive element of the Christmas season inside and outside of the home. Here we pick the best Christmas lights for bushes, outdoor trees, and shrubs.

For many years, working with identical incandescent bulbs made the creation of a truly unique display an uphill task. You need to know the best place to buy Christmas lights.

Nowadays strings of lights (also known as Christmas lights) come in various bulb shapes and offer a larger variety of sizes, color types, and blinking patterns, ranging from the simple styles of on/off to dancing patterns that are set to music.

Learn more about the different options that are available, and then check out our recommendations for the most festive and brightest Christmas lights to bring light and cheer into your house this holiday season.

Our Best Picks

  1. Amazon Basics 100 LED Commercial Grade Outdoor Christmas String Lights
  2. Wintergreen Lights in Multicolor Christmas Colors Set
  3. Home Accents Christmas 100-Light Mini LED Warm White String Light
  4. Noma C6 LED Lights for Christmas
  5. Twinkle Star 360 LEDs Christmas Net Lights
  6. Yuletime Multicolor LED Christmas Lights
  7. MZD8391 Long Christmas Lights
  8. Joomer LED Christmas Lights Solar
  9. Huacenmy Outdoor Solar Snowflake String Lights
  10. Touch of Eco LITEUP125 Solar-powered Mini String Light with Wide Angle LED Light
  11. Holiday Essence 60 LED Mini Christmas Lights
  12. Pro Christmas 5mm Wide Angle Conical Christmas Lights
best christmas lights for bushes and outdoor trees

1. Amazon Basics 100 LED Commercial Grade Outdoor Christmas String Lights

84% of more than 1,000 Amazon reviewers have rated this item with a rating of 4 stars or more.

For traditional holiday lights that endure the most severe weather, you cannot choose better than the AmazonBasics Commercial Grade Outdoor Christmas Lights.

lights. Two 33-foot green ropes with 100 LED lights that come in multi-colored bulbs, totaling the length of 66 feet and 200 LEDs.

Ideal for use with decorating a Christmas tree, or frames for doors, or decorating outdoors to create a distinctive ambiance for outdoor settings.

Image by: Amazon.com

These LED lights for commercial use can be used indoors and outdoors.

The rounded tips offer better lighting and distribution for LED leading to a brighter appearance.

It is also UL and wet-tested. Connect up to three light strands together.

In our tests of the bulbs, we were impressed with their consistent and bright lighting, which is amplified due to the bulb’s shape. Furthermore, they held up to the force of wind and rain without issue.

Good PriceCan not connect many strands
Available in Multi colorsQuite heavy
UL & Wet rated
Extremely visible and bright
Durable commercial-grade construction

2. Wintergreen Lights in Multicolor Christmas Colors Set

Set of 25 multi-color C9 constant LEDs, spaced 8 inches apart on green wire. 6-inch lead, male plug that can be fused to stack 17 feet of total length.

Premium LED bulbs made of acrylic are resistant to cracking, breaking, or chipping and give an even brighter and lighter hue.

Securely connect between up to 90 sets from end to end, giving you more than 1500′ of total coverage with one plug. 2.4 power per set.

The huge, show-stopping bulbs are great for houses that are behind the highway, as they make the display more noticeable. 


However, because the bulbs are quite heavy, they took a lot of time to place them correctly on garlands and trees.

It is approved for outdoor and indoor use. If one light fails and the other lights remain on, the rest will stay illuminated. Bulbs are dimmable.

Very sparkly and brightUnsuitable for very smaller trees
Etched designQuite heavy
Connect up to 80 strings

3. Home Accents Christmas 100-Light Mini LED Warm White String Light

To get the most value for your money The Home Accents Holiday LED Mini String Lights are a traditional option to decorate the Christmas tree, or in your home.

The indoor and outdoor lights may not be the longest-lasting but they’re very economical and can connect 30 to 30 strands of lights to create a large-scale decoration. 

Each strand measures 29.5 feet long and has 100 bulbs that are affixed to the classic green wire.

Our test subject thought that these lights had average brightness. She also enjoyed the look and feel of the mini-warm lights. 


They have an illuminating effect caused by the absence of rectifiers on the LEDs, however, she said it’s not apparent when the lights are actually put up. 

These bulbs aren’t commercial grade and there’s the chance that moisture could be able to get inside the bulbs, however, they’re an affordable option for those decorating with a tight budget.

The Value is GoodEffects are slight strobing
Connect up to 30 strands
Classic appearance

4. Noma C6 LED Lights for Christmas

The diamond-cut Noma LED bulbs are the ideal size to be used in the front of the house. They are easy to locate on the posts along the driveway but still compact enough for door wreaths or garlands for staircases.

The white light is pure and evokes the traditional Christmas, while also bringing an understated elegance.

White light doesn’t compete for attention when surrounded by ornaments in the same way that bright bulbs do.


The 23.8-foot string of 70 high-efficiency bulbs is able to be connected to up 44 additional strings, providing numerous decor possibilities, both outdoors and indoors.

Take care when using them for faux leaves: We noticed that the plastic on the base of each light is susceptible to pulling and catching the delicate artificial tree-like one made of feathers.

White light looks greatCare when installing, Plastic is sharp
Very sparkle
Multiple Colors
Good Designed

5. Twinkle Star 360 LEDs Christmas Net Lights

Reduce stress during the holidays by using this simple decorating idea Simply open the container full of Twinkle Star light strings, hang them on the branches or trees and take in the gorgeous light.

You can even get a 16.5-foot lead cable to make sure that the lights be positioned to reach the desired tree without the need for an extension cord.


The tiny LED lights come with eight modes of blinking that include combination, in waves the sequential slow glow flash, chasing/flash, slow fade flash/twinkle, and constant on.

The control isn’t submersible, so make sure to protect it away from the elements. You can use this light at shrubs also.

We enjoyed the light bulbs that are ultra-lightweight and the thin wires that will not harm delicate plants. Connect three sets to create an impressive display.

Extremely lightweightVery tiny lights
Best for indoor and outdoor
Multiple colors available

6. Yuletime Multicolor LED Christmas Lights

You can make a cheerful and lively outdoor display by using this Yuletime Multicolor LED Christmas Lights available in nearly every color you can imagine. 

The colored lights come with 200 mini LED bulbs on a 66-foot cable, and our test subjects thought the hues were beautiful and vibrant, particularly at night.

The Christmas lights that are colored in this set are UL-certified. During our tests, they stood well throughout a number of days of severe winds and heavy rain. 


They come with a “Stay lit” design that stops the entire strand from going dark in the event that one bulb burns out, however, our tester did find that the structure isn’t as robust as other alternatives. 

It is possible to connect up to 30 strands at once–ideal for decorating your home or garden. They also include six bulbs spare and two fuses that allow the repair of any issue quickly and efficiently.

Incandescent bulbsNot for indoor
Simple to UseNot the most durable
Nice color

7. MZD8391 Long Christmas Lights

If you’re looking to decorate your entire backyard, the MZD8391 Christmas Lights measure 105 feet and allow you to cover more space with just one length. 

The lights are available in a variety of color designs, and they come with 300 LED bulbs in each length.

However, keep in mind that they’re small and therefore not the ideal choice for large-scale décors, such as in the roofline.


Our test participant was impressed by the vibrant shades of these lights. She was also pleased to find eight different lighting effects to pick from, including the chasing effect, slow fade, and twinkling. 

The outdoor and indoor lights are waterproof and withstand well even in the worst weather conditions You can also connect up to four lights together to cover over 400. You can read information about, buying aluminum foil from gas stations.

More than 100 feet longNo replacement bulbs
Several lighting effects
Multiple colors

8. Joomer LED Christmas Lights Solar

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to illuminate the Christmas season, without the hassle of cords and plugs you will need to look into Joomer Solar Christmas Lights.

Lights can be illuminated for up to eight hours with a fully charged charge and a switch left on will allow the light-sensing system to switch on at dusk, and then off throughout the day without taking the battery out of.

Set the solar panel up in the sun’s full light using stakes that are easy to install and let it fully charge for six hours prior to the first time it is used.

The control is handy and has one button for turning on the lights, and another button to select from eight flashing modes that include continuous, wave sequence, slo-glo flash/chasing, twinkle/flash/slow fade as well as steady-on.


While it’s weatherproof and waterproof it isn’t submersible, so be sure to keep it dry during torrential downpours.

The durable 72-foot strand of lights shines brightly with a low-quality charge and the battery pack can be replaced by the user, which is a rare feature in solar lighting.

Batteries are replaceableTakes upto 8 hours to charge
Options with limitless installationTough to charge
Saves on energy

9. Huacenmy Outdoor Solar Snowflake String Lights

The Huacenmy Outdoor Solar String Lights have adorable snowflake-shaped bulbs which make a charming accessory to your patio or outdoor living space. 

They’re powered by an incredibly small solar panel that is staked into the ground. Additionally, they also come with eight different lighting effects such as flashing and twinkling, fading, and many more. 

The string of lights measures 30 feet long and comes with 50 LED snowflakes, each one of which is about 2 inches wide.


Our test participant found that the lights were a bit difficult to install since the snowflakes can get quite tangled within the wire. 

Once they were up and running they were a delight to look at the gorgeous white light even though it wasn’t the most bright. 

The lights automatically turn on at dusk. On clouds or overcast days, when the solar panel isn’t getting enough sunlight, they fade after a couple of hours.

Can be installed anywhereNot very bright
Eight lighting modes
Cute snowflake

10. The Touch of Eco LITEUP125 Solar-powered Mini String Light with Wide Angle LED Light

If you’re looking to hang Christmas lights in an area that doesn’t have an electrical outlet and you want to display them in a natural way, the Touch of Ec LITEUP125 LED String Lights is a lovely and easy alternative. 

This string of lights is length 68 feet and features tiny LED bulbs and is connected to a tiny solar panel you can connect to a nearby surface or even stake into the ground.

As you’d expect they’re not the brightest options available and our test subject noted that they’re especially dim when the conditions are cloudy or rainy.


The lights are automatically turned on at dusk and remain on for up to 8 hours. They also come with flashing or solid lighting modes that can be controlled via the rear on the wall. 

However, the strand is an unreachable lead wire of 12 feet that our tester found was excessively long since it cut the length of the light into 56 feet.

Can be installed anywhereSmall bulbs
Good effectsNot very bright
Several solar panelsLong lead wire

11. Holiday Essence 60 LED Mini Christmas Lights

For little children. This cool touch bulb can be displayed anywhere you like, without causing harm to any child or adult.

Both indoor and outdoor use safe! It is perfect for decorating your home, patio, lawn, bushes, outdoor trees or garden with Christmas lights.


Decorating your home for Christmas can be difficult. Decorating your home for Christmas can be a chore.

There are no worries! You Can connect multiple light strings. You can connect up to 45 light strings to brightly illuminate your whole tree.

Extremely brightPoor directions
Perfect lengthNot Waterproof
Modern appearanceHeavy

12. Pro Christmas 5mm Wide Angle Conical Christmas Lights

High-end Christmas lights like those from the Professional Christmas 5-mm Wide Angle Conical LED lights consist of a single socket and bulb design. 

This keeps dirt and water from entering the bulb, which can cause corrosion or rust. Additionally, it will help ensure the lights won’t die quickly. 

The lights were professional-grade and impressed our test participant, who commented that the light was bright and stunning.

Their Pro Christmas lights are 35 feet long and have 50 5mm bulbs with green wire. They can connect up to 60 strands of wire end-to-end in one outlet. 


They’re UL-certified for outdoor use and have held up well during storms, rain, and windy days in testing. 

These Christmas lights for outdoor use come in a range of colors, and although you can’t change the single bulbs the LED lights can last for as long as 75,000 hours.

Moisture resistanceCan’t replace bulbs
Connect up to 60 strandsMaintance problem
BrightNot long life

How We Tested and Choose the Best Christmas Lights

When evaluating the Christmas lights on our list of lights, we assessed the ease of installation for each one as well as their brightness, versatility in durability, and appearance. 

We also considered the possibility of replacing the fuse or additional bulbs, as well as the different ways that they can help with holiday decor. 

We tested them indoors as well as outdoors, if appropriate, and then evaluated the overall design from close-up and further away. 

For safety reasons we didn’t include any indoor-only lighting in our options; all are outdoor and indoor, with the exception of one that is outdoor-only.

We Comparing Bulb Form, Shape, and Color

The teardrop-shaped light is the most well-known, to be followed by globe or round bulbs, but a myriad of alternative options are accessible. 

The snowflakes as well as the icicles make seasonally-appropriate essentials, and rope lights, which wrap the light’s brilliance within a transparent plastic tube, sport contemporary design. 

Select the shape you like best, as well as mix and match the shapes around your home.


Why Trust SellBuyUS.com? Based on their suggestions She selected over twelve lighting sets for Christmas outside for testing on her own and then placed them outside at her residence for several weeks, which included storms that lasted for a long time and heavy rain. The lights were evaluated by evaluating the brightness, durability, ease of use, and other aspects before choosing the best-performing lights for this list.

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