20 Best Christmas Wreaths to Make and Sell in 2023

Are you looking for Christmas wreath designs that you can make and sell easily? All you require to start is basic materials like a wreath mold and pine needles, or greenery as well as the hot glue gun and a stripe of ribbon. 

No matter if you plan to sell your simple wreath or an original design, these ideas for Christmas wreaths can help you achieve the success you desire.

Christmas is always a busy shopping time, and people are drawn to decorating their homes with festive decorations like hanging wreaths on their front doors.

This is a popular custom that creates the DIY Christmas wreath business an opportunity to earn money. With just a bit of knowledge and the right materials, it is possible to create unique Christmas wreaths that are sold more than the generic commercially-produced wreath.

christmas wreaths to make and sell

Here are the best Christmas wreaths to make and sell in 2023. You can make and sell them easily.

1. Ice Wreath

An Ice wreath is a great ornament for the outside or at the entrance to welcome visitors throughout winter… for regions that have temperatures below freezing Of course. 

A bundt cake pan is an ideal form to create these designs as well as a range of ornaments can be put in pans filled with water prior to making the ice.

2. Ornament Wreath

Help your customers to get into the spirit of Christmas by offering them a DIY Christmas wreath that is made of stunning ornaments. 

Although you can make an easy wreath using ball-shaped ornaments There is a myriad of options infinite as are options for Christmas tree decorations. Pick an assortment of sizes that will give the wreath some character.

3. Jingle Bells Wreath

Create a stunning Jingle Bell wreath to sell by tying the jingle bells in a sturdy wire. After you’ve made the wreath’s basis and you’re ready to give it an additional festive element by adding an attractively colored bow. This Christmas wreath looks stunning atop the mantel or on your front door.

4. Faux Wreath

Even if your wreaths are made by hand, it does not mean that you cannot use lots of commercially produced materials. 

There are many people who are awestruck by authentic pine wreaths, for instance, many prefer faux wreaths that keep their appeal for a much longer time to remain. The most popular materials are artificial flowers and fake pine needles. You can visit our homepage to know about buying and selling.

5. Snowball Wreath

Innovative DIY wreaths are popular sellers and buyers won’t be able not to choose from the festive winter wreath constructed from styrofoam balls. 

This styrofoam wreath is simple to make using the appropriate tools and the balls can be wrapped with colorful papers to create a distinctive but nonetheless festive look.

6. Magnolia Plant Wreath

The pine needles aren’t the only greenery to be the most popular Christmas wreath material. 

The massive dark green, glossy leaves of a Magnolia plant make the perfect base for a gorgeous Christmas decor that will surely amaze family and friends. Adding pine cones and bundles of fir will only add to the appearance.

7. Peppermint Candies Wreath

Your business’s wreath-making enterprise will never fail to draw customers in with items like a Christmas-themed wreath that is made from peppermints. 

Remove the wrappers off the peppermints and secure them using hot glue onto the wreath shape. 

You can also fill in the empty spaces of the peppermint wreath by using Red Hots candies before adorning the wreath with a red ribbon.

8. Wooly Wreath

Making a DIY Christmas wreath from wool is a different idea for crafting that will entice clients.

Instead of gluing the materials into forms for a wreath, it is possible to wrap it around an old wool sweater, or wool socks, giving new life to materials that are discarded. 

Make sure to add the final details for the crocheted wreath by using tiny artificial blooms or fruit.

9. Playful Wreath

With a wreath-shaped form and hot glue, the possibilities for creating unique and imaginative wreaths are virtually limitless. 

It is possible to create popular and fun wreaths using materials such as straws, toys, or even plastic snowflakes. 

In fact, you could make wreaths for every season of the year by using ornamental objects like flags, butterflies, and even Easter eggs.

10. Wrapping Paper Wreath

There’s no problem offering an array of Christmas wreaths if you opt to create wreaths with wrapping paper.

There are numerous wreath designs made with wrapping paper and you’ll never be short of wrapping paper options. 

In fact, you can create many Christmas-themed wreaths, and never make the same style more than once.

11. White Christmas Wreath

It is a good idea to decorate the home for Christmas with a theme of white Christmas. You can make various wreath designs using items such as white blooms or white balls or pine needles dipped in artificial snow, or perhaps white paint. Include some festive red Christmas berries to give an extra festive accent.

12. Pine Wreath

Perhaps the most classic of wreath styles A pine wreath can be made easily by bundling pine needles and arranging them in an easy wreath shape.

13. Holly Jolly Christmas Wreath

The decor mesh, with its ribbon cheery Christmas wreath, is built around a cute sign of a snowman. I love the pops of blue, and the chevron ribbon is adorable.

14. Elegant Champagne Gold Wreath

It’s a must to put this gorgeous champagne gold mesh wreath on display throughout the winter. Each time I glance at it, I discover something new to admire such as the iced twigs Champagne ornaments, and tiny bits of greenery. It’s simply beautiful.

15. Bow Wreath

Another excellent idea for DIY Christmas wreath crafts could be made by adding festive bows on forms for wreaths. 

Simply attach Christmas bows that are brightly colored that are made of plastic or cloth, applying hot glue or spray adhesive. It’s a Bow wreath that is sure to become an integral part of your interior decor.

16. Pom Poms Wreaths

A colorful wreath composed of pom poms is a popular item during the holidays or any time of the year. It is all about the color of the pom the poms. 

Choose green, red white, and gold pompoms to create a festive Christmas wreath, or a different color scheme to make wreaths be hung during other seasons.

17. Santa Belt Wreath

Bring your front door in the festive red by using this Santa wreath made of mesh that is belted. This simple decoration piece is a striking statement when guests arrive at your home.

18. Pine Cones Wreath

A gorgeous tree-shaped pine cone is a popular sale during the festive season, but also throughout the year. 

All you require for the most popular designs are pine cones in a wreath and sheet moss. You also need floral wire and wired ribbon.

19. Christmas Angel Wreath

This Christmas angel made of deco mesh could make a wonderful tree decoration or dress the Christmas decorations. The steps to make the angel are easy and the materials aren’t costly in any way.

20. Bulb Wreaths

A few of the most impressive Christmas wreaths are constructed out of the most unique or unorthodox materials.

For instance, making the perfect Christmas wreath using old bulbs is certain to be an item that customers are unable to resist. When the light bulbs come in festive colors, are even better.


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