Best Place to Buy Christmas Lights in 2023

Christmas lights instantly bring festive cheer, no matter if they’re decorating the Christmas tree or mantel for the fireplace, a banister for stairs, or on the exterior of a house. 

When it’s time to buy Christmas lights however it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of choices that are available.

You can be sure that you’re buying a quality item by learning where you can shop. The following suggestions for the most reliable places to purchase Christmas lights were chosen by their reputation for quality and consistency in product quality and price.

Best Place to Buy Christmas Lights

1. Walmart

This miniature Christmas lighting set from Holiday Time includes 300 incandescent light bulbs. The customer can select from clear or multicolor lights, with a total length of up to 59. 

These lights are secure for use indoors as well as outdoors and come with green wiring that blends in with any garland or tree.

Walmart was established in 1962. Today, it has 10 526 stores across the world where customers can purchase everything from food to clothes to decorations for the holidays. Walmart provides both in-store as well as online shopping through

In terms of Christmas lighting, Walmart has thousands of items to choose from, ranging from inexpensive string lights for indoor use to robust options made to withstand harsh winter conditions outside. 

If you’re planning to finish your final-minute purchases, Walmart can be a great option in an emergency; there are several options that will deliver directly to your doorstep within two days.

2. Lowe’s

GE Energy Smart 100-Count Multicolor LED Christmas Lights come in a traditional C9 design with a diamond-cut surface, however, they are powered by LEDs that are energy efficient. The 66-foot string is equipped with 100 lights and will continue to work even if one bulb goes out.

Established in North Carolina in 1921, Lowe’s has been in operation for over 100 years. Up until 1989 Lowe’s was the most popular chain of hardware stores in the United States, but in 1989, it was replaced by The Home Depot.

Lowe’s has 2197 stores across Canada and the United States and Canada and also has an extensive online shopping center.

The Christmas lights section at Lowe’s is well-organized and guides customers to select the style color, shade, and type of light they’re looking for to narrow their choices. 

It offers thousands of choices for Christmas lighting and is well-stocked with the latest products from leading brands in the industry. Know, Best Christmas wreaths to make and sell.

3. Target

Christmas Lights Starburst Unique Lights add the appearance of a Christmas tree. With 140 twinkling lights that are multicolored, This 2-pack offers a burst of color whether outside or inside.

Batteries powered, they don’t require the use of an outlet. They also have a timer that allows allowing for easy shut-off.

Target is the eighth-largest retailer with 1,844 stores across the U.S. as of 2019. Target has grown to be a sought-after shop for home decor products over the past few years, with fashionable items that are comparable to choices at more expensive chain stores.

If you’re looking for decorations for the holidays, Target has just about everything you can imagine and includes a large selection of Christmas lighting. 

Prices are always affordable, and Christmas lights can be purchased at just $5.

The site makes it simple for customers to locate the items they are looking for by subdividing LED lights into incandescent lighting, projection lighting as well as lit decorations and electrical products.

4. Home Depot

Various colors of Christmas lights such as multi-color, blue, double, red, green, etc. Christmas lights can be bought from here. Christmas lights from Home Depot are of very good quality.

Home Depot is America’s largest home improvement retailer. Home Depot, Inc. is an American multinational home-improvement retail company that sells tools, products, appliances, and other services. 

The company had more than 151 billion in revenue in 2021 and 490,600 employees. The company’s headquarters are in incorporated Cobb County of Georgia with an Atlanta postal address.

It has many large-box format stores throughout the United States. All 10 Canadian provinces; all 32 Mexican states, and Mexico City. 

The Home Depot Pro, a MRO business, is also owned and managed by Interline Brands. There are 70 distribution centers throughout the United States.

5. Ace Hardware

More than 400 products are related to Christmas lights. Ace has a variety of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights.

Celebrations LED Mini Warm white is The Celebrations brand that offers basic LED lighting solutions that can be used to decorate within your budget.

You can get the most popular bulbs and colors to make your yard and home come alive for Christmas without spending a fortune. 

Light up your home this holiday season with lights that work both indoors and outdoors.

It’s easy to use. Comes with spare bulbs and spare fuses. End-to-end connectors with 12-inch lead in, spacing between bulbs of 3 inches, and 4-inch lead out.

6. Etsy

Vintage Christmas Tree Lights technological advancements provide us with long-lasting LED lights with lengthy lifespans, there’s something charming about the old Christmas lights. 

The string of Christmas lights is housed in an old Noma box that’s functional, despite being a decade old.

Etsy can be described as an online market where sellers can offer vintage items and items made by hand. It’s a great spot to discover unique products and gifts which support small-scale enterprises. 

Shoppers can also filter their search results to locate local artisans and vendors who are located in their local area. 

There are numerous categories of merchandise available on Etsy that range from clothes and accessories to papers, personal gifts, and home decoration products.

If you are looking for holiday shopping, you should consider Etsy for retro Christmas decorations and even working Christmas lights from the past.

7. Overstock

Multicolor (Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green) LED Light String Set with 25 Lights Crystals.

This light set comes with a G25 1-inch bulb. It measures 8.67 feet in length and 4 inches in spacing. This item is made of green wire. 

This is a great item for Christmas Holiday. UL is listed for indoor and outdoor lighting. This high-quality LED light set is 2.4 Watts in power and is moisture resistant. 

You can connect up to 43 sets together. Energy Star Rated and ROHS Compliant.

8. Christmas Lights Etc.

The C7 LED lights for Christmas are retro in form and style and offer warm white lighting. The lights are placed 8 inches apart. The string is made up of 25 lights. Each is able to last for 100 to 100,000 hours.

While consumers can purchase Christmas lights from a variety of large-box stores but those seeking something particular may be better off with an exclusive shop such as Christmas Lights Etc. 

The online store first opened its doors in 2000 and is a specialist in Christmas decorations, but the offerings don’t just include Christmas lights. 

The store also offers Halloween lights, patio decorations as well as a selection variety of artificial Christmas trees. 

Christmas Lights Etc. Also, they sell bulbs that are sold in a range of sizes, styles, and colors for the event that you’re in need of an extra bulb.

9. Pottery Barn

String lights with rustic design come with mini LED light bulbs as well as glittering artificial leaves to give an elegant look in a centerpiece for your dining table or doorframe, such as a banister or a banister.

Pottery Barn is a high-end home furnishings chain that was established in 1949. 

The brand is renowned for its rustic and chic furniture and decor products and has stores across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. 

Through the years, Pottery Barn’s offerings have increased to include new collections and branches like Pottery Barn Teen as well as Pottery Barn Studio.

Pottery Barn is a go-to store for those searching for modern holiday decorations. However, the variety of items available is less than in bigger big-box stores. 

Although Pottery Barn may only offer an enticing range of Christmas lighting, consumers can rest assured that the item they purchase from the retailer is stylish and of high-end quality. Know about, buying pregnancy tests at gas stations.

10. Amazon

Buy a 300-count set of Christmas lights for an affordable cost using BrizLabs’ Incandescent Christmas Lights. Choose a traditional look or the most unusual colors such as orange or purple to create a unique style.

Amazon is a large multinational company that has branches that extend into virtually every field one could imagine. In addition to Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook Amazon are among the United States’ Big Five information technology companies. Amazon’s online store seems to grow more popular each year, as customers are attracted by the website’s price-competitive pricing and broad selection of goods.

If you’re looking for Christmas decorations, Amazon has a wealth of choices, including over 10,000 options just for Christmas lights. For those in a tight budget can discover what they require as members of Amazon’s Prime membership get two-day free shipping on all purchases.

11. 1000Bulbs

There are three types of Christmas lights: C7, C9, and Christmas LED Globes. LED bulbs come in many colors to brighten your celebrations.

In both the C7 and C9 sizes, we have color-changing lights which can cycle through red, blue, and yellow.

All LED lights can be used in wet areas. In freezing regions, LED bulbs work better than incandescent bulbs.

You may be surprised to see that not all white lights are created equal when you tour your neighborhood during the holiday season.

Some homes shine brightly with white lights, while others have a soft glow. These lights are not as warm as traditional incandescent Christmas lights but they do make a difference. 

Cool white bulbs produce a brighter, crisper white light while warm white bulbs emit a warmer light. Warm white deluxe bulbs, which are warmer, are great for decorating mantles, including banisters and stair railings.

12. Bronner’s

Santa With Tree Night Light, Even though Christmas light strings are simple to find Bronner’s offers distinct lights for the holidays such as the Santa With Christmas Tree Night Light with Santa giving a special gift.

People who live in Frankenmuth, Michigan, are surely aware of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the self-appointed “World’s Largest Christmas Store.”

The store is situated in a chalet structure that is situated on 7.35 acres The store was created around 1945, through Wally Bronner and is visited by 2 million customers each year.

Bronner’s selection is extensive and those outside of Michigan are able to sample what the store has to offer through its online store. 

Searching on “Christmas lights” brings up more than 225 options, from basic string lights to themed nightlights for the holidays, decorated tree toppers that glow, and many more.

13. Festive Lights

The intelligent fairy lights are equipped with a free mobile application that lets users control the lights remotely using a smartphone. 

The app lets users be imaginative by sketching their own designs within the app, which is then transferred via Wi-Fi through the lighting. 

This advanced technology does not just allow for the possibility of a range of silver, gold, and bronze hues, but also syncs to the beat of the music to create a multi-sensory lighting show.

Festive Lights is based in the UK and has been offering Christmas decorating services since. The company is now offering worldwide shipping. 

It has a broad range of choices for lighting, from basic string lights to high-tech intelligent lighting systems that will be sure to be a hit with your neighbors. 

Festive Lights also sells accessories for customers who wish to enhance their outdoor and indoor setups. It’s important to know that U.S.-based customers are required to pay shipping on orders less than $300.

14. Grandin Road

The strand of lights is retro-styled with pastel bulbs that have the shape of a curly cube. It is safe to use outdoors and indoors The store also sells bulbs to replace them if necessary.

Along with other highly regarded interior brands such as Frontgate, Ballard Designs, and Garnet Hill, Grandin Road is part of Cornerstone Brands. 

The company started publishing its catalog of products in 2003. Today, it is a major source of information for millions of households each year.

The Christmas decorations are a special feature on Grandin Road, and shoppers will find ornaments, figurines as well as tree skirts as well as other items for decorating as well as lighting alternatives. 

Although Grandin Road may not have many lights for Christmas on its website all the products that are available are original and made to stand out from common Christmas decorations that can be found at other locations.

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Thanks for reading the article. Merry Christmas to you and choose the very best Christmas lights for your Christmas festival. Happy Shopping!

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