Buy Paper Towels With OTC Card (2022 Best Guide)

OTC cards are easily used to buy things at many stores in the United States of America.

If you using an OTC card for purchasing any OTC-eligible item. You can save money and get the benefits of using your OTC card.

You can use your OTC card at farmers’ markets online, local pharmacies, as well as other retailers, participating. You also can use OTC cards online on OTC-eligible websites.

An OTC card is the best option to purchase pain relievers dental care, pain relievers cold medicines, and first aid products. Your OTC card is eligible to purchase thousands of products like these.

Can You Buy Paper Towels With Your OTC Card

Yes, You can buy paper towels, and tissue paper with your OTC card. Paper towels are OTC-eligible items. So, It is possible to purchase paper towels with an OTC card.

Is It Safe to Use OTC Card for Purchasing Paper Towels

Yes, It is very safe to use your OTC card for purchasing paper towels and tissue papers. You can go to OTC card-eligible places to buy these products.

Where to Buy Paper Towels Using Your OTC Card

Here are the places you can go for purchasing paper towels or tissue papers to use your OTC card. You can go to the following places and purchase with your OTC card.

You can also get the extra benefits of using your OTC card at these places.

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Family Dollar
  • Dollar General
  • Rite Aid
  • Duane Reade
can i buy paper towels with my otc card

What is Paper Towel

The Paper towel is an absorbent and disposable towel made of paper. In Britain and the United States of America or some other places paper towels intended for use in the kitchen are called kitchen paper, rolling kitchen, as well as a kitchen towel. Paper towels’ main purpose is cleaning.

It is a layer of thick, soft paper that is designed to dry one’s hands and clean surfaces as well as absorb liquids.

How Does Paper Towel Work

The paper towels gather water due to the fact that they are made of loosely knitted material. Paper towel made with soft paper. A Paper towel allows water to flow between the fibers against gravity.

Paper towels serve the same purpose as regular towels, like drying hands cleaning the windows or other areas, dusting, and getting rid of spills. Paper towels are so easy to use.

Dispensers for paper towels are typically utilized in bathrooms which are shared by many because they are thought to be cleaner than hot-air hand dryers or cloth towels that are shared.

Paper towels are biodegradable but not recyclable. Because the fabrics used for making paper towel is too short. You can read this to know about purchasing toilet paper with an OTC card.

Paper Towel Use

You can use a paper towel for many works. To be used at home paper towels are generally available in rolls made of perforated sheets.

However, others are available in stacks of pre-cut and folded layers to use in dispensers for paper towels.

In contrast to cloth towels, paper towels are consumable and are intended to be used once.

How Can I Check My OTC Card Balance

Here are the simple steps to check your OTC card balance. You can follow these easy steps to check your OTC card balance. You can check the balance of your OTC (Over-the-Counter) card at any time.

You can call 1‑888‑682‑2400 to know about the balance of your OTC cardAfter calling, You will be asked for your OTC card number. So, Take your OTC card with you before calling.

The second method is also easy. You can visit the OTC member website. While visiting this site, You need to enter your OTC card number and check your balance easily.

The third method, for checking your OTC card balance is calling Member Services. You can call member services to check your card’s balance.

Make sure, Before checking your OTC card balance you need your OTC card number. You can remember your OTC card number or take your card while check balance.


You can buy paper towels and tissue paper using your OTC card. You can easily buy these items from local stores or online stores.

But before purchasing with an OTC card make sure. You can buy with an OTC card only online or offline stores where OTC is eligible.


Can You Buy Tissue Paper With OTC Card

Yes, It is possible, You can buy tissue paper with your OTC card. Tissue papers are OTC-eligible. You can buy tissue papers without any problem using your OTC card.

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