Does 711 Sell Butane (Cost, Quality, Types + More)

You definitely go to the 711 stores to buy most of the things you use. But you must have questions about some things, whether they are available at 711 stores. One such product is butane.

Do 711 stores sell butane? You will be given complete information in this article. What is the quality of butane available at 711 stores and what is its price?

Does 711 Sell Butane

Yes, 711 sells butane. You can buy butane by visiting 711 stores. You will have no problem buying butane there.

Butane lighters, butane for refills, and butane gas containers will be available at 711 stores. Butane canister in most of 711 stores is non-refillable.

Also, know about other Butan-related products at 711 stores.

Butane Lighter Refill

Yes, Some 711 sell butane lighters refill. You can buy BOUNCE Butane Gas from 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide in the USA. You can use this gas to refill lighters and for many purposes.


Yes, 711 sells lighters. You can buy lighters from 711 stores. But lighters that you can buy from 711 are non-refillable. Despite the fact that lighters aren’t refillable, some customers have found ways for them to be refilled.

Jet Lighters

No, 711 does not sell jet lighters. You will inhale all the unburned butane. Butane is a common ingredient in jet lighters. This is bad for your health. You should not use them for cigare_ttes, or any other inhalable material.

Butane Lighter Refills

Yes, It is possible. You can go to 711 stores and try to purchase butane lighter refills.

does 711 sell butane

Do All 711 Stores Sell Butane

No, All the 711 stores do not sell butane. Because the number of 711 stores is very high in America. Having butane available at all is not a simple matter. Therefore, Butane is available only at selected 711 stores.

Torch Lighters

Yes, 711 sells torch lighters. Many 711 stores sell torch lighters. But at the 711 stores, you will get expensive butane torch lighters. Hence buying butane from 711 stores can be costly for your pocket.

Cost of Butane at 711

Refill can of butane is available at 711 stores for between $15 and $40. Due to the convenience 711 offers, lighters and butane gas sold at 711 are more expensive than in other stores. You can go to the 711 store’s counter to know the exact price of butane or lighters.

Prices of butane lighters vary depending on where you shop at 711. Prices for butane lighters vary depending on where you are buying them. In some cases, they may cost as little as $3.50.

In others, it could be as high as $2.00. The lighter’s complexity also affects the price. 

Because they are more complex than simple lighters, flexible or child-proof lighters can be more costly.

Safety Tips and Dangers of Butane

Here are the special dangers and precautions of using butane, so read them carefully.

  • Butane, in its purest form, is an odorless and colorless liquid that is invisible to the naked eye.
  • Butane is the most frequently misused substance, accounting for approximately half of all solvent-related deaths.
  • Butane can cause frostbite and freeze-burn if it is poured onto the skin or eyes.
  • It is only detectable by humans if it causes an explosion or other health problems.
  • Take off any clothing that has been in contact with butane.
  • When using butane for heating, cooking, or lighting, be sure to take precautions.
  • Butane is a highly flammable, pressurized gas and it is possible for it to explode if it is exposed to heat or misused incorrectly.
  • Keep butane out of direct sunlight, food and drinks.

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As a convenience item, 711 stores usually have a lighter. You can buy lighters or butane from 711 stores. Each store will carry a different brand of lighter.


Does 711 Sell Lighters to Minors?

Yes, 711 stores can sell lighters to minors. Because there are no legal age restrictions for buying lighter or butane-included products.

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