Can I Buy Toilet Paper With My OTC Card {Best Guide}

If you have an OTC card or an OTC Plus card, you must know whether you can use it to buy toilet paper or toilet tissue. So, here you will know the answer to your important question which is, Can you buy toilet paper with your OTC card?

Make use of Your OTC Plus credit card to purchase non-prescription medications and health-related products, as well as healthy food items even your home Internet access. 

Can I Buy Toilet Paper With My OTC Card

No, You can not buy toilet paper with an OTC card. Toilet paper is not eligible to buy with an OTC card in the USA or anywhere. You can not purchase toilet paper using your OTC card.

Because using the OTC card only those things can be bought, which are made for health. Since toilet paper is a product of daily use, toilet paper cannot be purchased with the help of OTC cards.

Does OTC Cover Toilet Paper

No, OTC does not cover toilet paper. You can not buy it with an OTC card. Toilet paper is not eligible to buy with an OTC card.

What is Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is fine toilet paper that is usually found on a roll that is used to dry or clean oneself after defecation or urination. 

Toilet paper is an important product used in everyday life. Therefore, toilet paper is used to absorb and clean.

The majority of firms in the US produce toilet paper using the pulp of trees that are not yet harvested. 

They mix tiny pieces from these trees, soak them, then dry them out eventually. In this procedure, the toilet paper acts as a layer between the hand and the dirt, which protects your hands from getting dirty.  Most of the toilet paper is used in bathrooms and toilet rooms only.

can i buy toilet paper with my otc card

It’s typically supplied as a long length of perforated paper wrapped around a core of paperboard core to allow for storage in dispensers close to the bathroom. The toilet paper bundle is referred to as a toilet roll. 

What is the Most Frequent Time You Receive OTC Benefits

At the start of every calendar quarter, the OTC card is filled with the monthly OTC amount of your plan. 

The balance you have on your card does not carry over, so try to use the entire amount prior to the closing of the quarter. 

Don’t discard your credit card, it will be loaded in your next quarter.

You can save money at your local pharmacy, farmers’ market online, as well as other retailers, participating.

OTC cards are mainly used to buy medicines and health-related products. You can buy thousands of products like this using an OTC card.

What Exactly is the Purpose of an OTC Plus Card

This OTC plus Card, with the new design of 2022 is an advantage you can avail to purchase prescription-free health products like allergy medication as well as sleep aids, cough drops, and many more. Now the OTC card has been made even more secure, using it you can buy a lot of products

The additional benefit of over-the-counter medicines and other supplies can aid you to save money on thousands of products, including pain relievers cold medicines, pain relievers dental care, and first aid products.

You can also utilize your card to purchase healthy foods such as meats, dairy products, and many more. OTC network covers thousands of items.

Can I Withdraw Cash via My OTC Card

There aren’t any fees to obtain cash over-the-counter (OTC) at the Visa member bank. The working of an OTC card is very simple. You cannot withdraw money from the ATM with the help of any other reason.

OTC withdrawals are allowed in the limit of daily limits for authorization to withdraw as long as the available balance is in your account.

Because OTC Card is not a debit card or credit card. That’s why you cannot use an OTC card to withdraw money.

OTC card is a health benefits card, So, you can use it to buy health products and make payments directly.

Your OTC card needs more than or equivalent to the amount of cash withdrawal you want to withdraw.

How to Choose the Best Toilet Paper to Buy

If the toilet paper is good then there is convenience in cleaning. Good toilet paper cleans well, reducing the risk of bacteria.

That’s why you should pay attention to some things to buy good toilet paper, which is as follows.

  • A good toilet paper has 1 to 3 plies.
  • You can choose bigger rolls as buying bigger rolls saves money.
  • Buy only soft toilet paper.
  • Buy toilet paper by checking the last date.

Benefits of Toilet Paper

Here are some of the benefits of toilet paper.

1. It is suitable

There are some who utilize water for cleansing their personal parts after defecation. But, in areas where there isn’t enough water for all during the season, toilet tissue is your ideal choice.

2. It Avoids direct contact

Tissue paper is the ideal method of avoiding direct contact with waste after a person has urinated.

For the majority of people, direct touch-to-the-skin contact with waste is extremely uncomfortable and could stop them from using the toilet.

In addition, it helps prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria from the mouth to the hands.

3. Decoration benefits

Many decoration items can also be made using toilet paper. Similar to napkins for table use and table napkins, some Japanese hotels are famous to use toilet paper to decorate.

In these cases, toilet paper is folded onto dispensers to ensure that it can be presented to guests in fashion.

4. It is a Luxury

Toilet paper, specifically when it is advertised as luxury may come with helpful additions.

It is embossed, colored, patterned, fragranced, or medicated with anti-bacterial substances. Certain types of toilet paper can also be treated naturally with aloe.

5. Easy disposable

One of the biggest advantages of toilet paper is that it can be easily disposed of. Toilet paper that is easily disposable is made in a way that it is able to be disposed of. Contrary to other products that are heavy and could block the drainage system.

Toilet paper is typically extremely lightweight. It can therefore easily pass through the drains, particularly after defecation or urination.

Uses of Toilet Paper

Here are some other uses of toilet paper. You can use toilet paper to do these works.

1. Clean bathroom surfaces

Toilet paper is an effective cleaning tool to clean surfaces like toilet seats, countertops, and even handles for flushing.

You can also clean the mossy surface in the bathroom using toilet paper. The soft surface is particularly beneficial for cleaning delicate surfaces such as mirrors.

2. Cleaning your eyeglasses

Toilet paper can be used to clean off fingerprints and smudges from glasses, but it’s ideal to wash your glasses using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution.

3. Toilet seats that are covered by public toilets

If you’re not at ease using the public bathroom, placing an item of toilet paper over the seat could help in making you feel more comfortable regarding the issue.

There are many theories about the fact that putting toilet paper down can help prevent the spread of germs, but it may help to feel secure.

4. Cleansing hands and face

Toilet paper can also be used as a hand towel. In the event of a crisis, toilet paper can be a good alternative to wash your face and hands. Make sure you don’t get too wet as toilet paper is intended to dissolve in water.


To make your OTC card, go to Place your OTC order online on the OTC network website or call 1-877-494-2892 (TTY 711), from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT) all weekdays.

You can visit the following places and can try to purchase toilet paper. These are the OTC-eligible stores. For example Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Duane Reade.

If you have any questions please write below in the comment box. You cannot use an OTC card to buy toilet paper. So, if you have any questions related to OTC card payment, then you must comment below.


Can You Buy Toilet Paper With Your OTC Card

No, You can not buy toilet paper with an OTC card. Because toilet paper is not an OTC-eligible item.

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